Safety, not just a concept…It is fundamental to how we do business.
Nothing is more important to Triune than the safety of people on our job sites: our employees, a subcontractor’s employees or our client’s employees. Triune’s approach to safety is what is found in a family – we look out for each other.

There are no exceptions to our safety programs. Our full-time Director of Safety, who is both OSHA trained and paramedic certified, visits each job site to make sure that all procedures are followed and our managers fully understand their responsibilities. We can proudly say we attain or surpass the most stringent requirements of any of our clients.

As a result, Triune is an industry leader in establishing sound safety policies and procedures. Because we believe that all incidents are preventable, we are fully committed to achieving and sustaining “zero accident” performance through continuous evaluations, education, and improvements.

Before each project is started, we hold a pre-project/preconstruction meeting with staff and subcontractors to identify hazardous work activities and implement control measures prior to project mobilization.

Key components of our safety program include:

  • On-going safety training for all associates, beginning with new-hire orientation and continuing throughout their career
  • A safety certification that is required for all operations associates
  • A prequalification process which includes a safety review for all subcontractors as a condition of doing business with Triune
  • A pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol testing program
  • A formal accident and injury reporting system, followed by analysis and corrective measures

Our safety policies and procedures are documented and available to our customers and partners upon request.