Pre-Qualification Process

Subcontractor pre-qualification is an important part of Triune’s risk management program and a prerequisite for contracting with Triune.  If your company is interested in pre-qualifying to work with Triune, please take a few minutes to complete our pre-qualification questionnaire to help us better understand your operational capacity, safety record, and capital structure.  If you would like to be a prescreened subcontractor or supplier, please send an email message to or download and complete the prequalification form and submit to or fax to 214.503.0679..

Subcontractor FAQ

Q. “How do I get included on future bid lists?
AYou will need to complete a prequalification form to begin the process. Our estimating coordinators who will follow up with you will then review your information.

Q. “How do I find out what projects Triune is currently bidding?”
A. The best way to find out what projects might be right for you is to contact us and a representative from our estimating department will follow up with you to discuss upcoming opportunities.

Q. “When can I expect to get bid results?
A. Most projects will not have immediate bid results. We need time to properly evaluate each proposal to do a fair and complete analysis.  Additionally, bid results will not be given until we have approval from our client on all of the proposed contract values.

Q. “I sent my requisition to the project manager last month, why hasn’t it been processed?
A. All requisitions, invoices, and lien waivers must be submitted directly to Triune’s Accounting Department. Sending these documents only to the Project Manager will delay your payment. Send your requisition to:

11615 Forest Central Drive, Suite 202
Dallas, Texas 75243

Q. “What is the process for getting a change order approved?”
A. Requests for change orders should be submitted in writing, directly to the Project Manager on your job. You should refer to the Triune project number to facilitate the request.

Q. “What are Triune’s Insurance Requirements?”
A. Our standard insurance requirements are listed in the terms and conditions portion of the contracts, which are sent out with the front-end documents. Please refer to our insurance certification and generic front-end documents examples.

Q. “Will I have to provide a Payment and Performance Bond?”
A. Payment and Performance Bonds are required on a “by job” basis and sometimes on a “by contract” basis, if the contract is considerable in size. If bonds are a requirement it will be indicated at bid time and on your contract.