Triune is a full service General Contractor offering a complete portfolio of construction services customized to fit your unique building needs.  With experience in all facets off construction, we specialize in design-build, site adaptation, project management, health and safety, quality control, and subcontractor management.

Many companies can “swing a hammer,” but Triune excels in building solutions.

No matter how remote the location or dangerous the terrain, we assemble and deploy the multifaceted construction teams required to achieve your most challenging building objectives.  And with safety and cost-effectiveness as our top priorities, we offer unrivaled project management expertise to ensure your project stays on time and under budget.

Committed to delivering the highest standard of quality, communication and speed of service, we continue to refine our proprietary Relationship Oriented Approach (ROA©). This integrated project management approach supports and facilitates smooth information flow across the entire cross-functional team and project —producing better:

• Communication
• Accountability
• Performance
• Solutions
• Results