The design-build process joins the architect with the general contractor at the beginning of the project to help streamline the process and expedite the schedule. Providing both design and construction services, this method creates one point of contact—thus eliminating design discrepancies before construction begins, reducing redundancies in the proposal and bidding process, and minimizing owner risk.  Using an integrated delivery approach, Triune has established a strong reputation for excellence in completing a broad range of design-build projects on time and on budget. Key Triune advantages include:

  • Past performance with an array of qualified designers and engineers
  • Access to firms and resources best suited to the meet the specific needs of your project
  • A focus on listening to your vision and communicating your expectations throughout the design and construction process.

Typically, the result is a shortened overall project schedule, which translates into cost savings with no sacrifice in quality.  With Triune you get: delivers

  • Single Source Accountability
  • Accelerated Project Delivery
  • Reduced Operational Costs for the Client
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price