By involving Triune at the earliest stages of project planning, our clients secure the services of a construction partner who will diligently safeguard the overall success of their project and oversee the management of the three key variables of every construction project: cost, quality and schedule.

Construction Management involves a project owner who secures a construction firm to coordinate a project in its entirety. Our process is an intense and ambitious effort dedicated to the idea that every project can be improved and enhanced to a much greater degree in the planning and design phase instead of in the field execution phase.

Project schedules and costs can be improved significantly using our construction management process. Compared to a general contract lump-sum approach, our process has the potential to save you ten  percent or more of the total project costs.

With Triune as Construction Manager, our clients can be assured that their projects will benefit from our commitment to excellence in every area, including:

  • A project team that works in the best interest of the client
  • Open communication with our executive-level managers who have active roles in each project
  • A management staff with the technical capabilities to understand and manage unique and complex projects
  • Integrated project development and documentation of the entire process for owner oversight and permanent record
  • An emphasis on pre-task planning to control cost, quality, and schedule
  • Flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the client

Our Construction Management process is a total team effort, ensuring safe, timely and cost-effective execution.