With exacting performance specifications and complex infrastructure systems, modern healthcare facilities are among the most demanding design and construction projects in the industry. From operating rooms to parking garages and medical offices to retirement facilities, Triune offers broad and deep experience with the construction, repair and maintenance of a full range of healthcare facilities.

In fact, Triune has been involved in the design and construction of laboratories and healthcare facilities since our founding, so we understand the necessity for 24/7 access—and we have consistently risen to the challenge of safely performing work in occupied spaces.

We also understand the healthcare-environment imperatives of ultra cleanliness, discretion, respect for patient privacy and, of course, safety. Minimizing disruption and maximizing convenience are more than priorities for us. They are mission critical. Understanding the need for familiarity with unique, project-specific health and safety standards, we have also developed several innovative life safety and infection control protocols.

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