Message from CEO

After years as an operational consultant to the construction and housing industries, I realize there are better ways to provide value to both a company and its customers.  If a firm is focused on people through a Relationship Oriented Approach (ROA©) to doing business – rather than simply focusing on “the job” – it can achieve more. Together we can accomplish it better, and together we can do it faster.

As a result, I’ve been fortunate to lead TRIUNE to its current place at the front line of customer-first general contractors.  Since 1997, we’ve expanded from a fledgling construction company to a national-level general contractor.  And TRIUNE’s classic business model continues paying huge dividends – for our clients and us – as new and diverse projects are added to our growing portfolio of successes.

TRIUNE stands ready to be an integral part of your team, helping guarantee your ultimate goal.  I promise we can and will do whatever it takes to bring your project in on time, with integrity, quality, and safety.

That’s what our Relationship Oriented Approach (ROA©) is all about – you.  Whether you’re East or West Coast, or anywhere between, I look forward to speaking with you soon to plan and build a lasting and fruitful relationship.

Vince Fudzie

Managing Member


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