“Our mission is simple:  To build lasting relationships with our customers by providing higher quality, faster delivery and greater value.”


Our purpose is accomplished through our mission:  To create an exceptional customer experience.

Core Values

Since 1997, Triune has met the challenges of time and technology to become a recognized leader in the construction industry throughout the Southwest. The majority of our work comes from repeat clients and recommendations. Our success comes from a set of values that serve as the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy:  integrity, learning, teamwork, safety, service and excellence.

    We conduct business with the highest standards of honesty and ownership, which requires us to take personal responsibility. We can be trusted because we do what is right.
    We provide superior service for our clients because we never stop listening, learning and improving. Because we are relentless about improving, our clients enjoy the benefits of some of the most advance services in the industry.
    We work with customers and business partners in a spirit of trust and collaboration. Together we  the challenges of construction; together we contribute to the total good not just one’s own.
    We never sacrifice safety for production.  We are relentless when it comes to the continued safety and well-being of employees and the public. Our clients know that safety – above all else – is our highest priority at our job sites.
    We exist to serve our clients, to help them to improve their interests and to expand their success.
    We demand excellence and will go the extra mile to make sure that excellence is what our clients receive.