Triune participates in Mayor’s Intern Fellow’s Program

Dallas, August 10, 2010: City of Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, in partnership with Education is Freedom (EIF), hosted a luncheon for over 100 DISD high school students who participated in this year’s Mayor’s Intern Fellow’s Program. Under this program, students spent 2 months working a 40-hour week for large and small corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Triune was one of the 54 participating corporations involved in providing students with empowerment and life skills. Triune’s intern, Alvin Rollins, an A. Maceo Smith high school senior, had the opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals, gaining a realistic view of the working world. “I have truly gained a new perspective on responsibility and what life is really like in the real world,” said Rollins.

During Rollin’s internship, he learned that there was more to the construction industry than just backbreaking work. He had the opportunity to learn the entire process from bidding on a project to being awarded a project. He said that before Triune, he thought that construction was just going outside and building a building, but now he knows that is not the case. “My favorite moment was going out on an actual job site and getting a better understanding of the steps taken to complete a project,” Rollins said.

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert congratulated the students at the luncheon on their accomplishments and encouraged them to pursue college and graduate degrees. “The way you learn to think with a college education, that’s what will be with you for a lifetime,” Leppert said. “Education gives you the flexibility to adapt in a world that changes.”

Triune was so impressed with how motivated and determined Rollins was that he was extended an extra two weeks of employment.

After graduation, Rollins hopes to attend the University of Texas at Austin and majoring in Performing Arts.


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