Why another Blog?

Why a Blog? And why should anyone care?
It seems like everybody these days is looking for “fifteen minutes” of fame by getting a portion of his/her persona in some form of media. Although fame is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s definitely not why we decided to do a blog. For some unknown reason I have always enjoyed sharing knowledge with others. And sometimes others seem to enjoy asking me questions. Every now and then, I would come up with an epiphany on how to really illuminate a subject–one of those light bulb moments when your mind just seems to thoroughly grasp a concept. Then several months would past and someone would ask me a similar question, but I could not for the life of me answer it with the same self-proclaimed brilliance that I thought I had used just months earlier.

This is why I am writing a blog: to share my own unadulterated, “self-proclaimed” brilliance in writing so that in the future I won’t forget to do personally what I said the last time. By no means am I claiming to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. I do, however, believe that I have had enough success and failure to help others who have decided to pursue the entrepreneurial route. This will be a collaborative blog where we will post not only my insights, but also those of our own highly intelligent internal team and the external service providers that have been so instrumental in any success we have garnered over the past 15 years.

Although I have had the opportunity to work in many industries (all sexier than construction), there has been no industry that I have found more chaotic yet exhilarating than the construction industry. Every day the potential of a fire exists, yet the smart contractor is consistently able to put any smoldering embers out before the business becomes engulfed. For some silly reason, my mind is wired to enjoy managing through chaos. Whether it’s personnel issues, slow payments or the constant need to fill the pipeline, we have experienced our share of issues and in the end I have somehow enjoyed the process. You as a construction entrepreneur must also be similarly wired–why else would you be in such a low-margin, risky and thankless business?

In our blog the goal of all contributors will be simply to provide a relevant depository of information to help construction entrepreneurs be successful in our industry. That means whether you are a subcontractor, small general contractor or just thinking about starting your own venture, our blog hopes to assist you along the way. I can’t guarantee that our posts will assure you a million dollar payday, but I will promise you that each post will be Real, Relevant and Relational.