Editorial Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Punch List. We’re excited about having you as a contributor and sharing your expertise and experience with our readers. Our editorial policy strives to keep every post Real, Relevant and Relational for our readers: entrepreneurial-minded construction contractors, subcontractors and tradesmen around the county.

Submission Guidelines
The majority of our blog submissions are written by our talented and experienced staff. However, we welcome submissions from the many service providers – ranging from accountants and lawyers to bond professionals – who have been instrumental in our company’s development and can assist others in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Preferred Topics — Should fit into an area necessary for successfully running a construction business, such as: human resources, operational processes, marketing and business development, legal, accounting, bonding and insurance. The best way to be interesting, stay out of trouble, and have fun is to write about what you know! If you have a deep understanding or opinion about your field of area of expertise it’ll be difficult to get into too much trouble.

Posts — The most popular posts deal with concrete examples and case studies with numerical results backing up the conclusions. How-to and Top 10 lists are also popular. We would like the content to help readers avoid problems or solve existing problems. Try to provide actionable steps in your posts. The post may include some of the following elements:

o Statistics (current research, data on the scope of the issue)
o Anecdotes, examples, specific cases
o Expert advice (what industry experts and other thought leaders are recommending)

Tone — Posts should be written in a clear, complete and concise format. Please recognize that our readers may not be an expert in your area of expertise; therefore, all posts should be written in layman’s terms if possible. We encourage you to review our posts for a better idea of our writing style.


  • Article length: 500 – 700 words
  • Author’s bio: up to 100 words; include links to your website, blog or full bio
  • Post titles: initial caps, no more than 70 characters in length
  • Subheads: use of subheads and bulleted lists are encouraged for easier readability
  • Submitted: using MS Word
  • Optional: images and graphics (charts, graphs, logos, etc.): .jpg, no larger than 600 pixels wide


  • Please avoid blatantly promotional language or posts.
  • All content must be original and written by the author. Ideas, concepts and lessons you have written about in the past may be included as long as the content itself is new.
  • Our blogging team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content if necessary. You would have final review and approval if/when we make changes.

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